E-Foil Lessons

We were skeptical of E-foils at first. At the shop we had always stuck to non motor powered sports with the exception of using jet skis for kite surfing lessons. But once we got on the E-foil we found the smiles contagious! We found the E-foils a great tool to give experience to people looking to kite foil or wing foil in the future as well!

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E-foil Lesson Steps

  1. Safety and gear overview
    • Learning the parts and pieces of the Waydoo Flyer E-foil. From mounting the foil to adjusting your remote control throttle & guardian.
    • Review the do’s and do nots of E-foiling
    • How to fall safely while E-foiling
  2. Taking it to the water
    • Once in deep enough water the instructor demonstrates how to get on the board and go from laying to kneeling, to standing!
  3. Time to shine!
    • Time to be cruising on the E-foil first laying then kneeling with the coach giving you tips on how to stay balanced over the foil.
    • One you feel comfortable on foil on your knees you can give it a go standing or continue cruising on your knees which is still super fun!