Join us for an epic weekend of kitesurfing in Cape Hatteras! 

We have design this clinic to help strapless kitesurfers of all levels advance their skills and have fun while doing so! Our goal is to have riders become more safe, proficient, and comfortable with strapless kitesurfing. October is great time of year in Hatteras for wind and waves!

Check out the conditions Fall in Hatteras can deliver!

Tentative weekend schedule below!
 Discussions are subject to change times if the wind is on!

Day 1 Oct. 4th

12pm Meet the crew! Goals, skills and weekend schedule

1pm Strapless foot placement / weight distribution discussion

2pm Tacks, Jibes, and switching your feet discussion

3pm Kite!

Day 2 Oct. 5th

10am Day Schedule, goals, day plan

10:30am Strapless airs, tweaking airs left or right, initiating front or backrolls discussion

11am Wave kiting wind assessment, kitesurfing etiquette, wave riding safety discussion

12 Lunch

1pm Kite on!

Day 3 Oct. 6th

10am Day Schedule, goals, day plan

10:30am Riding fins first, shovits, toeside airs discussion

11am Kite Surfboards, Wave kitesurfing gear

12 Lunch

1pm Kite!

6pm BYOB BBQ at the Sail Shop!