2014 Starboard Touring 12'6" X 30″ AST Electric Blue

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12'6"X 30" Touring
"Tour the world with extra glide and stability."
A fast, stable and exciting touring design with great tracking and stability. The low-riding nose is fully engaged when gliding over flat water and efficiently pierces small chop. The low nose produces an extended waterline creating extra glide, which makes the Touring board extremely fast on flat water and able to accelerate quickly when catching bumps with the wind. It's altogether a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement. Front tie-downs are provided for a travel bag on the elevated nose area. The aft tie-downs also sit on a slightly raised area. The mid-section is carefully sculpted for maximum comfort and sits slightly lower, giving the rider additional control and balance. The aft section features our original Startouch deck traction behind the deck pad on the Electric Blue and Brushed Carbon edition. This 14'0" board feels extra fast, is light and an absolute pleasure to ride. Every trip on this awesome design is a moment to look forward to. Thanks to Brian Szymanski and Warren Currie for their design concept and input
  • 3/4 deck pad with 3mm square-groove EVA foam in the standing area, 2mm EVA fore and aft with light-weight Startouch deck traction on the nose.
  • Windsurf mast inserts are provided on most models.
  • Most boards under 10'0" have foot-strap inserts for windsurfing.
  • All boards 9'8" and shorter feature an integrated EVA kicker on the tail.
  • Hexcel center fins.
  • Pro models have Hexcel side fins, Starboard flex side fins for other models.
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