2016 12'10 x 33 Stealth Fishing

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  • Long, streamlined hull with pointed nose slices through the water,
    creating a smooth and silent glide without disturbing the fish.
  • 33” wide hull with slight tray and ultra-wide tail offers a stable
    platform to comfortably move and react to the first bite.
  • Paddle freely using Scotty Mount inserts for attaching rod holders,
    fish finders or a fishing rack for stowing gear. Store extra gear
    with bungees attached on the nose and tail.
  • Aftermarket accessories include the Cooler Box, a clean storage
    solution and also the perfect seat while waiting for a bite.
    Use the Gear Rack to store and easily access extra tackle,
    keeping it high off the deck and dry.
  • Available in AST Electric Technology.
    Bottom shape: “Round bottom”
  • Inspired by Jim Drake’s K15 hull for a fast and smooth glide.
  • Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume: Suggested Rider
    Weight Range
    12’10” 33” 7.3” 21.6” 299 L 50-105 kg
    391.2 cm 83.8 cm 18.5 cm 54.8 cm

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