2017 Airush Foil Board Complete

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  • Strong rail chamfer on bottom of board
  • Free-ride Tuttle position
  • Fine Rail easy start position
  • Reverse foil nose shape

The Airush Core foilboard is designed to enhance the experience of freeride foiling. The board features a large bevel on the underside of the rail which allows the board to be ridden at a stronger angle with less surface area touching the water, thus reducing drag. The fine rail in combination with the strong bevel allows you to position the board on its rail for an effortless water start. Then the short, wide shape, combined with a reversed foil shaping on the nose reduces wind resistance and lift when riding at high speeds.

  • Lower volume helps the board sit for longer on it’s side when waterstarting,
  • Wide deck makes it stable in the air, and gives stability when foil lift is not engaged and speeds are low. Excellent for beginner riding and off foil tacks, gybes and ’touchdown recovery’.
  • Backward mast position and rounded tail aid the ‘on foil’ carving ability.
  • Bevelled rails and high nose rocker greatly aid ‘touchdown recovery’ by preventing the board from sticking and stopping when lift is lost. Essential for beginners and advanced riders pushing their abilities.

CoreFoil Board: 4’11” 21 1/16″ 2 3/8″ 30.4L''



Featuring all of the shape technology of our Team Carbon Foil, the Core Foil is a true performance Foil that redefines beginner to advanced foilboarding.

The mast and the fuselage are constructed from aviation grade anodized aluminum alloy 6082 T6, with assembly parts precision CNC milled. A full fused connection between the mast and front fuselage means that the front wing, which deals with the majority of the load, has the least flex possible.

The unique Airush modular design enables the rider to upgrade key components between the prepreg Carbon Team Foil and the Core foil, reducing the overall cost of ownership and allowing riders to step up components as they feel the need.

  • Anhedral front wing (curved downwards) in conjunction with a dihedral (curved upwards) rear wing brings huge yaw stability with minimal drag. Essential for straight line, carving and high speed stability.
  • Very low drag – efficient mast, fuselage and wings enable stable high cruising speeds.
  • Ample lift surface combined with very low drag enables excellent range; very stable low speed foiling and excellent upwind ability without limiting top speed.
  • Front wing design gives excellent cavitation recovery compared to other foils enabling excellent recovery on over foiling during transitions.
  • Simple low drag fittings between front and rear wing make for easy assembly and tuning.
  • Adjustable rear wing pitch can be used to increase slow speed lift and stability for beginners, or set to increase high speed control for experts.
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