2018 Airush Wave Kitesurfing Package

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We wanted to make a package for someone who is getting in to strapless freestyle or/and wave riding. So we started with the best all around wave kite on the market, the Airush Wave, in a 10m. Then add the simple but light and friendly Airush Progression Bar. For someone getting into strapless freestyle and waves a board like the Mini Monster fits well. It has a flatter rocker and a more parallel outline giving the board easy planning, great upwind ability and loads of area to land strapless maneuvers. The narrower tail still allows you to take it into small to medium waves. This Mini Monster is the middle size at 5’2” X 19”. 5'2 may be seen as short but note the parallel outline and 19in width make the riding area of the board very large. We added a some SUP traction and fins so you will be 100% ready to take it on the water. And what the hell through in a Airush Harness as well.

Package Includes:

1 x 2018 Airush Wave 10m

1x 2017/2018 Airush Progression Bar

1x Airush Mini Monster 5'2 V1 (2018) Reflex Bamboo

1 x SUP deckpad traction

1x Plastic Future fins (thruster 2 fin set)

1x Airush Waist Harness Large

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