2022 Airush FreeWing GO Wing

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What do we think of the FreeWing GO?

When we first opened the GO 3.5m for shop demo and it was an immediate favorite among the shop crew and the school. The pull from the wing feels very comfortable and predictable. Using the 3.5m in stronger, gustier winds it felt very stable and did not back wind which can happen when the wind is strong and you are overpowered. After feeling the 3.5m, we pulled a 4.5m and a 5.5m for the school. On the larger sizes the more curved outlined is helpful for water starting and on turns with touch downs the wing tips do not get hooked on the water. A super fun wing for sure!

The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider.

The shorter wingtips do not catch when learning, gybing, during advanced water starts or rotations. The short wingtips also enhance the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards.

The large diameter middle frame creates instant power and a rigid feel, getting you up and going, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control over powered.

The handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned and optimized for important visibility/ safety.

With the size range from 2.5m – 6.5m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 8 knots to 40+ knots.

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