AK Ether Harness

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What we think about the AK Ether.

Insanely light, simple and minimalistic. This harness feels remarkably supportive for being so light and so simple. I have used it for wave kiting, foiling and strapless riding. Riding powered on all 3 it felt great. The only thing I noticed is when I was really over powered and purposely trying strapless airs as high as I could go I felt it pinching my side a bit, but I was edging hard trying to load it so would pick something with more support if you are planning to ride lit and do big air. An epic harness for wave riding, foiling and traveling!

3D load plate with soft edges.

The Ether harness is a lightweight, compact harness, that prioritizes comfort and durability.

By removing all unnecessary padding, seams, and reinforcement, we have created an ultralight harness ideal for riders who travel and have an affinity for minimalism. Making use of a 3D ergonomically shaped load plate, combined with our Fly-Line load distribution technology, we have been able to build a harness that offers the ultimate back support while being incredibly thin and light.

The Ether is designed to work with all AK spreader bar systems, allowing the harness to be used by all riders no matter the discipline.

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