Airush AMP V4 Carbon Innegra

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Brand: Airush
Size: 5'4

What we have to say about the AMP V4:

I've logged more hours on the AMP V3 5'4 then any other board I have ever ridden. The pure fun factor of the board is insanely. I ended up grabbing it for sound sessions and knee to shoulder high ocean downwinders.

This made updating the AMP V4 a real challenge. Our main worry was to not change it so much and lose the fun all around factor that made it such a great board. So Clinton essentially turbo charged it! He increased the rocker a tad bit, narrowed and thinned it down a tad bit.

Reflex wood vs. Carbon Innegra. If you are going for a board for great flex, weight, durability and primarily strapless riding and you don't mind the price tag, the carbon is pretty epic. The wood offers inserts, a full AK deck pad with still great weight and durability. Both of the constructions look great. What we were most surprised about was the weight of the Reflex Wood, for not being carbon it is still really light.


All-around surf shape.
Fast rocker with maneuver oriented outline.
Durable & lightweight Reflex Carbon Innegra construction.

The AMP Carbon Innegra is our legendary all-around surf shape that combines a flat rocker for high speed and control with a higher curve outline for optimal drive and maneuverability. The fuller nose aids the low wind performance, while the single to double concave absorbs chop effortlessly. The Reflex Carbon Innegra construction offers the best combination of lightweight and maximum durability. The AMP sets the standard in smaller wave and strapless riding performance.

All-around shape.

5’2″ (157cm) 18.25″ (46.4cm) 2.1″ (5.3cm) 21.5L
5’4″ (163cm) 18.75″ (47.6cm) 2.2″ (5.6cm) 23.9L
5’6″ (168cm) 19.25″ (48.9cm) 2.3″ (5.8cm) 26.4L

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