Airush Access Bar V2

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What we like about it:

The Access Bar is specifically designed with smaller riders in mind. The bar has a shorter throw ( when you fully let the bar go it doesn't travel as far away from you), a smaller chicken loop ( which also increases your ability to sheet out further) and depower and power pull trim straps that are easy to reach. Our favorite feature of this bar is the bar width adjustability. If you are a smaller rider you are typically riding smaller kites (9m and below) the smaller bar width 41cm is nice for these smaller kites. If you live in a light wind area or fly medium to large size kites you can add the extra bar piece on either side making the bar 51cm. It only take a few minutes on the beach and you can leave the bar extensions in your kite bar when you are not using them so they are always accessible. This combined with the other great features from the cleat bar ( narrow grip, foam molded bar ends, new IQR safety quick release make it a great bar for smaller riders.

  • Optimized control system for smaller riders.
    Small 24cm chicken loop.
    Short bar throw for easy reach.
    The Access Bar is designed to fulfil the needs of the smaller rider. The entire control system is more compact, with a reduced diameter grip for smaller hands, small harness loop, and a shorter bar throw. This makes the trim strap easy to reach when the conditions demand, translating into comfort, safety, and more fun on the water.

    Short leash with clips.
    Heavy duty locking tube.
    Small harness loop.

    41cm – 51cm Adjustable.
    4 Line Bar.

    Front: 9 + 14 m
    Rear: 9 + 14m

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