Airush Comp V2 Custom Epoxy 5'10

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Brand: Airush

What we like about the Comp:

The Comp is an epic wave riding board while still offering some fun for flat water. Compared to the Airush Amp you ride the comp longer  The Comp has more rocker and a narrow outline. While the Amp is your carving and skatey friend on the wave face, the Comp is it's more aggressive older brother. The Comp allows you to go for sections later, more vertical and gives you the length and rocker for forgiveness on those later sections. It still has a wider outline then your typical performance surfboard and holds the width through the nose. This enables it to plane better then your typical shortboard or bigger wave board and makes it more fun in flat water and smaller waves. 

This Custom Epoxy Construction comes with front and back foot tail pads and inserts for the option to ride it strapped or strapless. It has a innegra cloth reinforcement over the tail section and 5 layers over the front door section. 

HISS Surfboard rating

Speed control (How in control the board feels at higher speeds. Higher the #, the better for larger waves or higher winds.)               


Speed generating (How well the board generates speed. Higher the #, the better for small waves or lower winds). 


What Airush has to say about the Comp. 

Competition and all-round performance.

Intermediate fast rocker for speed.

New generation fin positioning and tail shape for snap.

The Comp earns its name our performance competition shape, blending speed with agility. Starting with the bottom curve, the Comp features a relatively flat tail rocker for speed and acceleration with a medium/high nose rocker for larger surf and more top to bottom riding.

The outline is comprised of a moderate width center, for early planing and drive, with a relatively narrow tail for edging and snap, and narrow nose to drive through powered top turns.

We moved the thruster setup back to compensate for the fast rocker, keeping all the snap of a high tail rocker board, without sacrificing speed. If you need one wave board to perform in any conditions you throw at it, the Comp is your board of choice.

5’8” (173cm) | 18.25” (46.4cm) | 2.25” (5.7cm) | 24.3L

Custom Epoxy

Custom Epoxy offers the flex and feel of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction.

We start with a medium-density EPS core (35 Kg/per m3, for the tech heads) developed from our premium fused EPS technology. When using a single skin construction, a denser core is ideal, specifically in the thinner, lower volume boards, such as the Converse.

Covering the core, the laminate has been extensively reinforced to deal with the demands of kiting with up to five layers in the standing area, and a final layer of Innegra under the heels. Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available (lighter than water) and can dissipate tremendous amounts of energy, making it ideal for high impact areas.

Custom EPS offers the flex and feel of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction. All custom epoxy surfboards include footstrap inserts.

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