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Brand: Airush
Model: ONE

The shop crew is stoked on this kite. We have been fans of the Ultra since we got the first demo. This kite offers something different to the Ultra. Check out our FAQS below for common questions we have been getting about the Airush ONE.

The Airush Ultra is such a good one strut kite, why would they make another one strut kite?

This is the question we often get when people hear about the Airush One. The Airush Ultra is a great kite but Airush was getting feed back from kite schools saying how much they used the Ultra in their kite school. So Airush decided to make a more school friendly one strut kite, the ONE.

What is the actual flying difference between the two?

The Ultra is higher aspect and sits further forward in the wind, allowing it go upwind better and be more agile but also more unpredictable. The ONE sits further back in the wind window and delivers a constant pull and steady flying. If you were to downloop the two kites, the Ultra would do a tighter loop but then stall as it finishes the loop to which you would need to sheet the bar out and then it would fly forward. The ONE on the other hand would not loop as tight or as fast as the Ultra but would keep the same speed throughout the loop and finish the loop without as much stalling at a constant speed. In other words the Ultra is a bit more of a little sports car and the ONE is more of standard compact.

Why should I get the ONE if the Ultra is better kite?

There are some cases where kites are better, but some kites are just different and people prefer one over the other as a matter of preference. If you like to be more active with your kite then you will likely prefer the Ultra. If you like your kite to be stationary and more predictable in its movements you will likely prefer the ONE. If the ONE was just a completely inferior kite to the Ultra and had nothing different to offer Airush would not of made it. The ONE does not have the load frame and is priced lower.

Here is what Airush has to say about the kite:

  • Plug & play ease of use.
  • Instant depower, large wind range & easy relaunch.
  • Single strut design for gusty or lighter winds.

Introducing the latest kite in the Progression range, and a revolutionary school kite, the One is the lightest kite in the Progression range. Designed to maintain the bombproof capabilities of a school kite, but open up the wind range without sacrificing the easy relaunch abilities. The incredible ease of use and lightweight components allow for fast and safe progression.

D4 HD Cloth – stronger canopy.
Single strut design to reduce weight.
Extra perimeter reinforcing for use in schools.

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