Airush Slayer 142cm

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Brand: Airush

With a significant trend towards riding surfboards on flat water, focusing on jumping, carving and surface tricks, Airush have developed the Airush Slayer. The 2021 Slayer focuses on increased manoeuvrability, carving and aerial throw around factor. The deep quad concave channels water effectively lifting the Slayer quickly onto the plane and offers incredible agility for the more progressive strapless freestyle rider.

Featuring a fully gripped deck and raised rails for easy grabbing when riding strapless, and a low profile standing area for easy edging. The Slayer is really versatile making it an ideal board for travelling. The wings create a narrower tail allowing for more control at speed and enable the rider to load and pop more aggressively when jumping, and the semi-symmetrical outline creates more stability when nose riding or landing fins first. The overall result is a board that takes flat-water or small wave strapless riding to a whole new level.

The evolution of the Airush Slayer has opened up and extremely fun aspect of kiting for riders with flat water and light wind conditions. The breakthrough come with the step-bottom boards which create incredible stability enabling riders to go strapless with ease even with the smaller 142cm version.

Boasting huge increases in efficiemcy, manoeuvrability and feel, it's a standout product of the 2021 season. For use in small waves, flat water and light to medium winds it brings a new level of fun to what has traditionally been unchallenging conditions.

The Airush Slayer produces directional freestyle for lightwind and flatwater in light winds while still providing a stable platform to launch from and yet still lock the board through the turns thanks to it's unique step-bottomed hull. Couple this with a compact outline to enhance the agility of the board in the air and through the turns and you only need one board! The Slayer is it!

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