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What we have to say about the Nitro!

I can safely say this is the most anticipated wing we have gotten to date. Freewing X Airush have develop their new Hookipa material which has incredible strength and stiffness together with the newly designed Nitro Wing. This stiffness of the Hookipa LE allows the wing the be pumped up to a higher PSI and gives you a much more rigid frame without having the weight or bulky booms on your wing. The Hookipa material is used throughout the canopy as a web to stiffen up wing canopy and reduce stretching of the canopy over time. The result is your wing not feeling as "bagged out" after you take it on 2 dozen sessions or drop it in the waves. It feels stiffer and newer for longer.

We have a sample piece of Hookipa that is cut partially in half, and even with the cut started we could not tear it. The strength of it is pretty remarkable!

The immediate responsiveness makes the Nitro feel like it has half a square meter more power.

Starting at well under 1.5 kg, the ultra-lightweight is something you feel instantly.

The extra stiff struts create control and a wider wind range, so you can enjoy the wing in more wind conditions.

The key to the Nitro is the new Ho’okipa Ultra PE high pressure leading edge and strut, with our proven Ultra PE load frame.

Airush and Starboard have a combined 50 years of chasing responsiveness, lightweight and durability. Today, the FreeWing Nitro is the best example of this yet.

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