Prolimit PG Harness Kite Seat

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What we have to say about the Prolimit PG Harness Kite Seat:

We carried a lot of women's harnesses over the years. In that time we have never had more positive feed back from any women's seat harness then the Prolimit PG Harness. The low profile and form fitting cut partially in the lower back is what makes this harness a stand out. It forms around your lower back providing 360 support, leaving no lose spots or holes. The Prolimit Slide in Bar pad with rigid molded foam and pin release system makes the harness a breeze to take on and off but also makes hook feel secure and connected. And don't let the kite seat name scare you off, we have had plenty of women purchase this harness for windsurfing.

What Prolimit has to say about the Prolimit PG Harness Kite Seat.

Girls kite seat harness for racing and free-ride. It has a medium profile for stability. It has a solid spreader bar stability through the use of your double buckle system. These double buckles allow a big adjustment of where the power from the kite can be directed into the harness body.

Slide in barpad

Elastic belt closure

Patented PIN release

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