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This package for someone who wants to fully get into wave kiting or strapless kiting with everything they need at a good price.

The 2018 Wave is a great kite. Wave kites in general have less low end (lightwind) power then normal kites, that being said the Wave is a more all around wave kite then a lot of Wave kites currently on the market. What does that mean? It means we have sold a handful to people who are riding twin tips in flat water who enjoy them as well. Despite being called the "Wave" it is actually a really good all around kite.

The kites both have never had an issues, repairs or fixes but have been ridden a good amount. Both come with the original bags they came in. These kites both have the Loadframe, intense spider cross stitching over the canopy that acts a skeletons and decreases the stretching of the canopy greatly over time. In other words the kite feels newer longer with less stretching through the canopy. This 12m Wave was my go to and I competed in Germany and Hood River. As a 2 Wave kite quiver this gets you pretty far. I could cover a nice range between these 2 kites.

This is the first generation of the Mini Monster. It shares a lot in common with the previous Airush Cypher. It has a chopper nose with a parallel and a narrower tail. It holds a rail line and goes up wind extremely well. The narrow tail makes allows it to work in small to medium size waves and still have a snappy feel. This particular board is a 5'6 x 19.5 and is a foil convertible with inserts on the bottom deck. The small insert holes are less drag then a foil track which makes the board better for kite surfboard. There is a repair on the top of the board towards the nose (see picture).

The bar is a 2018 Core Bar. This bar has been used a good amount but has a new locking tube in it. This was their main line bar. The bar has a a super comfortable reduced diameter grip which is nice and easy to hold. It also has molded bar ends into the float which are small and not bulky but offer a nice cushion in case you bump the bar ends. The first thing needed to replaced will be the kite lines which can be about $120 a set. if you replace the lines the bar is will be good to go for years to come.

Package Includes:

1x Used Airush 2018 Wave 12m

1x Used Airush 2018 Wave 9m

1x Used Airush 2018 Core Bar

1x Used 2018 Mini Monster Convert 5'6 w/ pads and fins

1x Used Airush/Dakine Waist Harness

1x Used Airush Pump

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