Bodyboard and Skimboarding Rentals

One of the best ways to enjoy the ocean is on a Body board or a Skimboard! If you add fins to your body board rental you are able to get into the wave quicker and catch larger waves breaking on the outside bar.

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 Full Day  Week
Skimboards  $15  $40
BoadyBoards  $12  $30



Some of the Body board and Skimboard brands we carry:

  • Zap Skimboards
  • Victory Skimboards
  • BZ Bodyboards
  • Custom X Bodyboards
  • Morey Bodyboards
  • Waveskater Bodyboards
  • Churchhill Swimfins
  • H2Odyssey Swimfins
  • Kicks Swimfins
  • Dafin Swimfins