Surfboard Rentals

Hatteras offers some, if not the best surfing on the East Coast. Hatteras is positioned far offshore from the main land and is able to get more consistent swell then a lot of the US East Coast. The challenging thing about surfing in Hatteras is it can change so quickly. The swell can build or die, the wind can change directions  or pick up, both at any moment so we always try to live by carpe diem, or seize the day! Look at swell and wind forecasts consistently and when it is predicted to be good be ready. If its not predicted to be that good and you still have time it can be worth checking it anyway. Some of the best surf days are not predicted at all here!


What type of board should I get?

If you have never surfed before or have only surfed a few times I would recommend a Soft Board. Our Soft Boards are hard epoxy surfboards in the center with a soft padded shell. Soft boards take a lot of the danger away from getting hit by your board in the water, which is helpful when you are just learning to surf and not use to maneuvering the board in the water. Soft boards do sacrifice some performance compared to hard boards. If you are able to consistently stand up and go down the line and are starting to learn turns and maneuvers a hard board may be more suitable for you.

What if the conditions change and I need a different board?

If you would like to change boards you can come back to the store and exchange it for a different model or size. If the new board your selecting is more expensive to rent then the one you previously rented, all you have to do is pay for the price difference.

What if I break or damage the board?

Before taking your rental board with you, you (the renter) and a store employee must examine the board and note it’s marks or damages. When bringing the board back you and a store employee will examine the board again. If in the time frame between the first examination and the second the board has major dents, buckles, cracks, broken fins, or damaged substantially in other ways, the renter must pay for the repair cost and depreciation cost or replacement costs of the board or fin if they are beyond repair. HISS inc. will not profit from any cost charged for damages of the board, only recoup their losses from a further depreciated product.