Surf Lessons

Beginner Surf Lesson Overview

  1. Board & Water Safety: We spend the first few minutes of the lesson going over rip currents, water safety, and how to handle your board safely when you are in the water.
  2. Paddle & Pop: Next on land we practice placement on the board, paddle technique, and popping up on your feet.
  3. Take it to the water: Finally we swim out with you and help you take everything you have learned on land to the water. We help stabilize and direct the board in the lineup, push you into the appropriate waves, and instruct you to make sure you are getting the best rides possible!


  • Private: $95 for 2 hours of one on one instruction
  • Group (2+): $75 per person for 2 hours of instruction, 1 instructor per 2 students

How do I book a surf lesson with HISS online?

You can book a lesson online with us by clicking the “Add to Bag” button above. When booking a surf lesson online you can choose to pay a “standard small deposit”, which will be taken off of the full price of the lesson you pay in the store and is refundable if you contact HISS 48 hours before your lesson. If you book using the “standard small deposit” option and the conditions are not adequate for a surf lesson during your stay, HISS we refund you your booking deposit. You can also choose to pay for the full amount of your lesson up front by selecting “Gift Card/Full Lesson Amount” which is not refundable but will not expire and can be used at any later time for store credit or transferred t0 another person for lessons. If you have any issues with booking your lesson online please do not hesitate to contact us at or 252-987-2292.

How do I book a surf lesson with HISS without booking it through the website?

If you are having trouble booking your lesson through the website or just want to touch base with us before booking it please contact us at either or, on the phone at (252-987-2292), or by just stopping in at either shop if your in town!