Surf Lessons

Beginner Surf Lesson Overview

  1. Board & Water Safety: We spend the first few minutes of the lesson going over rip currents, water safety, and how to handle your board safely when you are in the water.
  2. Paddle & Pop: Next on land we practice placement on the board, paddle technique, and popping up on your feet.
  3. Take it to the water: Finally we swim out with you and help you take everything you have learned on land to the water. We help stabilize and direct the board in the lineup, push you into the appropriate waves, and instruct you to make sure you are getting the best rides possible!

 We live on a small island off the coast that gets a lot of swell and sometimes too much swell for the whole week straight of surf lessons! Trust us, this frustrates us as well but the number one priority is teaching in safe, reasonable conditions so everyone has a good time and wants to go surfing again! If you have any issues with booking your lesson online please do not hesitate to contact us at or 252-987-2292.