Kiteboarding Lessons

1st timer / Intro to Kiteboarding Lesson

Our Intro to Kiteboarding lesson starts on the beach going over wind concepts, equipment set up, safety & terminology. Then we move to the water to work on launching, landing, body drags and general kite control with an inflatable 4-line kiteboarding kite. On this lesson you will not be riding on a kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is 2 separate sports in one; flying the kite and riding the board. Before trying the board you need to be able to fly the kite almost as second nature, so when you are up on the board riding you can be focusing on the multiple variables you are now juggling at once! Even without using the board, the feeling of the kite lifting you as you control it and it drags you through the water is uniquely cool feeling!   

1st timer/ Kite intro lesson! (non jet ski or BB talkin used during lesson)

Private $350 for 2.5 hr lesson 

Group $450 for 2.5 hr lesson  

Standard Private Kiteboarding Lessons

We believe Private Lessons work the best. People have different ways of learning, experience levels, and progress differently. From our experience, we have found people get the most out of one-on-one lessons, partially if you are learning water starts or other things on the board. 

Private $310 for 2hr lesson

Private $420 for 3hr lesson

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Some testimonials from kite lessons!

Liz A
This place is awesome. Reider did my husband’s kite boarding lessons…2 different days, 5 hours total. Frickin awesome experience. Super personal attention. Just nice people. Highly recommend over any of the fancier big factory style places down the road.
Peter B
Great friendly and knowledgeable shop owner who will set you up with the right gear to fit your budget. Lessons here are less expensive than the competitors but are just as good, if not better. Instructor Reider Decker is a world class kiter, but is also very down to earth and a great teacher. My 13 year old daughters took a 2.5 hour intro lesson and learned a lot. They are very stoked to keep kiting!
Barton and Reider know their stuff! Best investment I’ve ever made in lessons and great selection and price for gear.

David R

Excellent outfit for any level kiter or winger. Got to spend 3 sessions with Reider and got me hitting 100% transitions on Foil! I’ll be back!

Why book a kiteboarding lesson with HISS?

  1. Quality instruction.  At HISS we have a small lesson staff of 3-4 experienced instructors. We have Barton Decker with over 10 years kiteboarding teaching experience and his son and sponsored Airush rider Reider Decker with over 6 years of teaching experience. We only have people working for us that are as stoked and care as much about teaching as we do. Click here to learn more about our crew. 
  2. All private lessons. We only do private lessons unless otherwise requested. Group lessons can work for the first few hours of beginning instruction, but beyond that they become challenging. People have different ways of learning, experience levels, and progress differently. From our experience, we have found people get the most out of one-on-one lessons.
  3. Price. Kiteboarding lessons are expensive, there is no getting around that. The equipment, liability, intensive nature of kiting lessons make it expensive.  Doing primarily private lessons allows us to advance you as quickly as you progress, getting you further along with less hours of instruction. 


How do I book a kiteboarding lesson online with HISS?

You can book a lesson online with us by clicking the “Book Now” button above. Scheduling in advance for a wind dependent sport can be challenging. If the conditions are not viable for your lesson the day you book we will try to reschedule you for a later day in the week if we have availability. If we do not have availability later in the week or if you have any issues with booking your lesson online please do not hesitate to contact us at or 252-987-2292.