Windsurfing Lessons

After years of being fed up with the constant wind on Hatteras messing up the surf, Barton started windsurfing on Hatteras in the 70’s and came to love it on the sound and ocean side. The constant wind and flat water or waves makes Hatteras a fantastic place to windsurf. Our Sail Shop is located right on the sound side providing easy access to excellent conditions.

Beginner Windsurfing Lesson Step By Step

  1. Rig & Setup: First we need to put the parts and pieces of your windsurfing rig together before getting you on the water! Barton goes through all the different pieces of your windsurfing gear: sail, boom, mast, extension, base and board. From there he explains how to put it all together to setup your full windsurfing rig.
  2. Land Practice: Using the board and sail on land Barton explains wind direction, the concepts of upwind and downwind, tacking and jibing, foot positioning, where to hold the sail, and most importantly how to control the boards direction using the sail.
  3. Take it to the Water: Were you paying attention? Well, we are about to find out as you put all the concepts you just learned to the test! As you get on the board Barton walks in the water beside you and coaches you step by step how to windsurf.
  4. Solo Practice: 1-1.5 hours of on the water instruction time, Barton leaves you to practice your new found skills on the water for another few hours so you can master getting everything down!


Our windsurfing lessons include 1 – 1.5 hours of instruction followed by 1 additional hour of rental.

  • Private: $125
  • Group (2+): $95 per person


How far will I get in an 1-1.5 of instruction?

  • It varies from person to person, but Barton tries to have his students staying upwind (holding their ground, at least most of the time) and making most of their turns.  The best conditions for learning to windsurf are lighter winds, particularly  5-15 mph.  In this wind you are not going very fast, but it is substantially easier to learn then in high wind, which can be hard to stay on the board for even seconds at a time.

Can I just rent windsurfing equipment instead of getting a lesson?

  • Yes you can! We will give you a some brief tips so you will not be totally in the dark and can start with some knowledge. Like lots of things, windsurfing is easier to learn with instruction, but if you want to try it out with a few friends for a few hours to see what it is about you can do that no problem!