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What we have to say about the AK Nomad:

The AK Nomad took us by surprise. Once we got on water in light wind winging we could not believe how the board felt. The long board rail and aerodynamic shape allows the board to gain speed quickly and get on foil. The Nomad is still wide enough in the 7'6 and 7'0 size to give balance relatively easily in decent size swell, making it ridable not just in light wind. The key to the board feeling so small is you stand on center point of the board with it balanced front to back. This takes away the expected swing weight and leaves you with a relatively narrow board in front of you for the amount of volume and efficiency it delivers.

Barton can stand and wing uphaul the 7'6 and the 7'0 but the 7'0 is challenging to stand uphaul in choppy waters. Reider often rides the 7'0. Intermediate to advanced stand up paddlers can SUP foil the 7'0 in the surf and downwind foil. The 6'6 is substantially narrower and is more for dedicated smaller riders winging or advance SUP foil. Come demo for 30 minutes for free at our water front location or rent for the day and we'll take the rental off the purchase price is purchased.

What AK has to say about the Nomad:

Lightwind wingboard & downwind crossover foilboard.

Intuitive stability, control & maneuverability.
Lightweight & durable Carbon construction.

The all-new Nomad foilboard is an intuitive and stable lightwind and downwind crossover board with effortless gliding capabilities. Perfect for catching long drawn out waves, downwinding, or getting up on the foil in the lightest wind with your wing.

With its optimized length and width, the Nomad features a parallel outline, volume distributed for flight, and a forward foil position that will allow you to keep the same stance as you paddle for take-off, and get up on the foil.

90L 6’6” x 20.5” x 5.2”
115L 7’0” x 23” x 5.4”
135L 7’6” x 24.5” x 5.6”
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