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I really never got into the high speed foiling. Mostly because I was not very good and whenever I got going fast crashing was not very fun. When I kited on this foil I felt like I was having as much fun as when I first started foiling. It gets on a foil super easily and you can ride it really slow and bank really fun carves. Getting on a foil easily makes it even more efficient in light winds. It feels like being on a nice carving skateboard on butter smooth cement (without the painful falls). The mast 60cm mast height is perfect for us in Hatteras and makes most places easily accessible for foiling but still has enough height to really feel the foil and turn. Getting into surf foil with this foil has been a fun experience. Compared to other surf foils I have used it gets up slowly and is really stable side to side, making a scary process slightly less so. This foil has a nice cross over position in that regard but if cruising and carving on a foil is your thing this is fun foiling for just kiting as well.

- Reider Decker

AK Surf Foil

The AK Surf Foil is our foil wing developed primarily for surf use, combining a high lift profile with a stable delta design that comes up smoothly and pumps efficiently.

On the front wing, the elliptical wing tips are swept down for directional stability, while the delta shape maintains the key lifting area in the center of the wing underneath the rider.

The X-Wing rear wing is a unique symmetrical foil invertible wing that offers a huge amount of trim option as your riding advances. The trim system allows you to adjust how quickly the foil comes out of the water, so based on your body weight, skill level and wave height you can fine tune the foils response.

For the crossover athlete (You know we love those guys) the AK Surf Foil can be configured in pure surf mode with a swept down rear wing or the rear wing can be inverted for a more stable platform at speed such as kite or wake use, or when used with a longer mast and smaller wings and is compatible with Airush Kite wings for the kite enthusiast.

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