Airush Comp V3 Reflex Bamboo

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Brand: Airush

Competition & down-the-line performance shape.
High rocker with narrow nose & tail.
Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction.

Reider using the 5'10 comp in Hatteras below. This Comp is thinner then the previous version ( V20). The 5'10 we recommend for riders 180lbs and up or riders looking for a larger board for more classic surf style wave riding. The 5'8 is the sweet spot size and works great for the majority of people. Even if you are 185lb or so you can still ride the 5'8 you just do not have as much forgiveness on the lighter wind days. The 5'6 is for smaller riders about 150lbs and under or riders who like to ride a smaller board more powered, more kite powered wave riding. One thing we noted about riding this board in the waves is how smooth it is and how playful it is despite it looking so much like a intense performance shortboard. Cutback, snaps and wrap around turn feel remarkably good. In a lot of performance kiteboarding shapes you do not . Reider rides both the 5'8 and the 5'10 but in this video he is on the 5'10.

True to the name, the Comp is our competition and down-the-line performance oriented board. The high rocker allows you to edge into even the steepest of waves, whilst the narrow nose and tail open up the full turning abilities and top to bottom riding. The progressive flex bamboo sandwich enhances the durability and lifespan of your board while maintaining flex.

5’6″ (168cm) 17.75″ (45cm) 1.9″ (4.8cm) 19.9L
5’8″ (173cm) 18.25″ (46.4cm) 1.95″ (4.95cm) 21.6L

5’10” (178cm) 18.75″ (47.6cm) 2.0″ (5.1cm) 23.5L

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