GoFoil EZ 1025

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As the name implies, this line is easy to ride, making this

foil ideal for quickly improving your skill level.
The EZ foil line rides at a more constant speed, especially
when turning. This means that the foil will keep a steady
pace and not accelerate too much during the turn. This
feature makes it easier to do transitions when winging
and/or helps you stay in the pocket when prone surfing
so you don’t accelerate away from the wave.
The EZ foils are fairly thin but have a slightly slower, draft
forward type of foil section. This design helps you control
your speed a little bit easier than our faster models.
What we have noticed with the EZ foils is that you
can handle a bigger size wing than what the square
centimetres lead you to believe. For instance the EZ
1600 may sound like a huge wing but it’s still pretty easy
in a lot of wind!

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