Starboard Ultra Active Carbon Surfboard

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These Active Carbon Surfboard construction is pretty spectacular. We’ve had boards for over 5 years, taken it on a few surf trips and ridden it a ton at home. So far i have one .5 inch crack on the bottom from one of the numerous beatings it took on those adventures but that is it, pretty insane. The board is still super light just as when we got it. I have never had a board last this long I’ve used so much to still be in great shape.

The Ultra is flat, wide and fast. Despite its size, the carbon construction keeps this board nice and light . It’s super wide, but thin on the rails enough to keep some good feeling in the board. Great for smaller or waves or people who love to get speed!

Unfortunately starboard no longer makes these carbon surfboards anymore. The original retail price of over $1200 was a bit high. So these are the last of them, but at this price the longevity of the board it’s well worth the price.

5'4 22 1/2 2 5/8  33 liters

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