HISS DNA Review ft. Reider Decker

The Airush DNA has been a shop favorite and our go to teaching kite for a number of years.  A common misconception is a good kite to learn on is not a good kite for an intermediate, but the DNA really excels as an intermediate do-all kite, seriously it does we use it a lot just freeriding too! In particular we have really enjoyed using it for wave riding, strapless freestyle, jumping and freeriding. If you are looking for a kite favoring more unhooked riding, kiteloops, and something that pushes further forward in the wind window we would recommend the Airush Union.  The Airush DNA is remarkably similar to the Airush Lithium, which has won the Magazine test for the best freeride kite and best relaunch for a number of years.  I hope a lot more people will have a chance to fly, ride, and I’m sure love the DNA.

Check out the Airush DNA on our site now at https://www.hatterasislandsurfshop.com/store.php#!/2016-2017-Airush-DNA-Single-Point-Inflation/p/71409109/category=13987116